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WORLD CUP FINAL 1970: BRASIL v ITÁLIA (1h 37' VIDEO) The Mother of All The Football Matches - Critical Review On Why ITALY Deserved the RIMET Cup

In MEMORY of JOHN 'Jack'  SEEL: The Greatest Football Match There Ever Was. Critical Review Explaining Why ITALY Should Have Deserved to Keep the Jules Rimet Cup


Dedicated to the memory of John 'Jack' Seel (1925-2013) from Wilmslow, Cheshire, a keen and fair football and Manchester United fan who died last year, on his chair in front of telly, just minutes before Wembley's Champions League Final kick off and whose courtesy and kindness was instrumental for me to analyse this match. 

by Richard IV

LONDON / For years we have lived the assumption that Brazil is the land of football and their way of playing and the results achieved in international competition after the Second World War put them in an untouchable top seat in the mind of world football fans and organization.

Without diminishing the actual achievements and value of 'Futebol Brasileiro' of which I am - like I presume all true and honest football fans - a total admirer, I would like to analyse here following why - limited only to this match but not only to it should I also consider the times before this year's benchmark - how Italy was morally the winner of the Jules Rimet Cup on the evidence of how the result on this match has matured. 

It struck me recently what implications for Italian football would have the TV documentary 'The Forgotten World Cup' - a document brought to light from Argentine colleague Sergio Lewinsky which found it out that in 1942 an unofficial World Cup was played in the non-war stricken land of Patagonia, a southern territory of South America's Argentina - as it turned out that an Italian team had won even that 'friendly' World Cup and then how many could have the 'Azzurri' added in FIFA's Tally?

Considering Italy's world dominance at the time - they deservedly dominated the last century's world scene. Together with Uruguay, since the 20's they collected two Jules Rimet World Cup (1934-38) and two Olympics medals, 1928 and gold in 1936 Berlin in an epoch when Olympic medals were non official World Cups or Championships.

That period however was interrupted by the WWII's years where two further World Cups weren't disputed and at the restart of Competitions the 'Azzurri' competitiveness was fatally hampered by all-winning 1948 AC Torino team air crash loss that overnight wiped out the national team backbone ahead of 1950 Brazil's Tournament and beyond until the 60's.

It also took me years after my playing time finished and took the necessary mind change steps into coaching first and refereeing later to realise the importance of this 1970 World Cup, which was played for the first time at unnatural altitudes (2000 m) and at an unnatural - for TV necessities - kick off times under a vertical scorching noon sun.

It has been defined the world's best ever game and this came after subsequent World Cups - up to the absolutely deluding 2010 Tournament - showed that football Law's new changes in terms of athlete fitness and Laws' applications and interpretations did not manage to produce a better spectacle of the one played in the past.

I am therefore inviting everyone of you, fine and unbiased football fans, to watch the full game here above 'courtesy of FIFA' and made your own consideration of what could have happened if the referee had fairly protected the 'Azzurri' best players from marauding unpunished 'Cariocas' challenges from the beginning of the final match until Brasil managed to scored following shameless awarding of nonexistent free kick in the second half. 

Had Mr Glockner properly acted upon his right albeit late decision to sent off a Brazilian player to whom a red card was rightly shown but who unbelievably stayed on the pitch at the end of the first half we would have probably seen another outcome.

Italy probably wouldn't had crashed morally in the second half as they did - and not because of the legs knackering or exhaustion from the historical 120' thriller 4-3 semifinal win against a formidable 1966 World Cup runners up Germany who earlier eliminated Rimet Cup's holders England - and would deservedly grabbed their third and definite Jules Rimet cup which would have put history right. 

FINAL COPA DO MUNDO DE 1970: BRASIL v ITÁLIA (VIDEO FULL/COMPLETO) The Mother of All The Football Matches - Critical Review On Why ITALY Deserved the RIMET Cup:

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FIFA - WORLD EXCLUSIVE / Part IV: Will 2018 WORLD CUP Have 3 or 4 DRAW POTS or Still Be a TOMBOLA?

A World Cup without Groups? FIFA knows its Pizza is the best in the World but it was poorly served and ingredients mixed in wrong way. They left everything to chance and the result is a disaster.

The FIFA World Cup 

COMMENT: We continue the quest for a fairer World Cup See our previous article here exclusively on WORLD FOOTBALL REPORT pages. We have asked Leandro Shara,  the Chilean maths expert from Santiago whose company MatchVision has developed and patented an Advanced Model Tournament System for the FIFA World Cup - to comment on the controversial 2014 World Cup Brazil Draw in Salvador. 

Leandro's vision of world football is of a metaphorical palatable global brand in which FIFA appears as the chef dishing out for the worldwide fans table.The menu turned out to be indigestible to many fans perhaps jeopardising the ethics of the sport itself and FIFA's own pledge to be the world's guardian of social responsibility and is instead dividing and instigating hostility and resentment. 

LONDON / SANTIAGO de CHILE/ by Leandro Shara / FIFA's effort to do a serious job in allocating the seeded teams - moved away from the usual criteria based on their previous World Cup results stats - gave themselves a serious headache by making the Draw a Tombola. 

In fact the seeded group included Switzerland, eliminated after the 1st stage in the last 2010 World Cup edition and also had Belgium and Colombia, teams that did not even participate in the last edition. I do not think there has been cheating in this World Cup Draw. FIFA cannot afford to make that mistake. In my opinion now – but it may be changing soon - is that the method used is not the best. 

Old fashion Tombola: not a method suited for the most popular sport in the world
It's like scratching your left ear with your right hand putting your arm behind your head; an unnecessary complication that does not always end well. 

Lucky dip style lots: not a serious system for a worldwide audience
It can be also compared to a pizza order. FIFA knows its pizza is the best in the world but it was poorly served and the ingredients mixed in the wrong way. FIFA left everything to chance and the result is a disaster. Everyone has their favourite. Do you want thin or thick crust? I prefer thin, it is easier to digest. In addition, most enjoy the flavours that accompany it, and you will not only just fill yourself up with dough. Do you want pepperoni or 4 cheeses? That depends on the organizer. 

 Dishing out the biggest world pizza requires ethics not to manipulate the Pot luck to make everyone happy 
Now the issue is when you have to make decisions for a large group of guests having them happy and satisfied. That's the point. This on coming World Cup’s great pizza, called Draw, wasn't to everyone's taste. Not many understand it. 

 Guinness World Records' greatest world pizza is still the one made in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1990. 
I think FIFA themselves are still unaware of what are the world expectation from the game. FIFA knows its pizza is the best in the world but was poorly served and mixed the ingredients in a wrong way. Result: a disaster and nobody is realising it yet. Leaving everything to chance is not the issue. Not knowing how to organize raffles or tombola - as they seem to have turned the draw into it - can be a disaster and this last Draw was a disaster. I'll explain the reasons why.  

1. Mixing a POT DRAW criteria with a TOMBOLA: This was the biggest disaster. The result is here to see. 

 FIFA 2011 Preliminary Draws shows Five POTS in clear vision / Picture:
Tombola 1: The mixed criteria

a. FIFA's logic used this time to assemble the seeded group was a double standard and gave everyone a "serious headache" in trying to understand the thinking behind it.  It selected the first eight teams according to the official FIFA Ranking moving away from the traditional method based on previous World Cup tournament results. So ailing Uruguay - although fitting in the old criteria seed selection of World Cup winners - it still had qualifying statistics below par and only qualified by a late play-off, with a non positive goal difference and with only half of their qualifying matches won, including both play-off matches with Jordan - were seeded due to their 6th overall place in the World Ranking  

 b. The fact of relying on the FIFA Ranking at a certain date (31st of October) made the  bewildering results to include Switzerland, eliminated in the 1st. Round in the last World Cup, Belgium and Colombia, not even participated in the last edition to be seeded leaving out traditional World Cup major teams such as Netherlands and Italy. 

c. The mismatched pairing resulting from the Draw means that two most difficult groups like the ones of Uruguay and Germany are facing tremendous challenges including the fact they have to play in equatorial Amazonian environment and unnatural match time conditions. These are far worst situations than in the other groups of Colombia, Switzerland, Belgium, Argentina or Brazil. 

d. The other 3 POT Draws have turned out to be more in a pot luck mode as in a RAFFLE or TOMBOLA, resulting in a rare mix of geographic locations, leftover teams going from one raffle to another and even a last minute rule change that no one really understood. In fact why was Platini's favoured France removed from POT 2 to be put on par with the other European team when its ranking is the worst of UEFA Confederation? (See graphic below)
ZoneQtyTeamsFIFA Ranking October 2013
1Host Country:1Brazil11
2Last Champion1Spain1
119Bosnia-Herzegovina 16
1513Ukraine20(*) Additional Spot
1614Sweden25(*) Additional Spot
226Venezuela37(*) Additional Spot
23CAF:1Cote d'Ivoire17
286Mali41(*) Additional Spot
313Korea Republic56
353Costa Rica31

2. Great disparity even within TOMBOLA: It wasn't even a good Tombola. Here are two examples. 

a. In Tombola number 2 (POT 2): on pairing Italy (9) and Cameroon (59) - in brackets the FIFA ranking.  It didn't matter if you played with Italy  in your group - which was arbitrarily shifted from the European POT 4 to make room for UEFA's lowest ranked France - as it happened to be for Uruguay and England but Cameroon, the weakest of the 32, strangely ended up in the group of the powerful local Brazil 

b. Tombola number 3 POT 3:  USA (13) was matched to Australia (57) not considering that the Antipodeans who belong to the Asian group and are ranked alongside Cameroon with the worst ranking and yet remain on the same level as the powerful American team as well as Mexico, who are still strong despite a difficult classification process. 

Live Televised FIFA 2013 Draw showed no hands in the POTS / Picture: BBC
Dishing out the Pizza

When the table is set and all the ingredients are chosen, the served pizza resulted in an unbalance of flavours and ingredients. On  the left side of the table (see FIFA's graphics below) four previous World Cup winners Germany, Uruguay, England and Italy were mismatched and are presumable doomed even before the tournament starts. This exposes the unbalance in this of fixture format table (groups A, B, C and D) as potential winners team cannot possibly progress further than the 1st stage combined with the unsuitable environments match locations. Dead by kick off time and thrown to the piranhas in the Amazon.

  FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil Match Format Table / Picture:
In fact Groups B and D teams, the so called groups of death, will see an early demise for one or more of them and the one who will go through will weakened by a totally alien condition such heat exhaustion, vaccination medical intakes and other health risk precautions. An heavy handicap that could cost dear and jeopardise their chance of progress in the Cup. A different Draw outcome without the manipulation occurred would have placed them in another group and with reasonable climatic conditions offering a fairer chance to advance. 

Instead, for both groups of death teams, being on that side of the fixture format table, it means an early exit. Brazil the host, on the other wing of the table, can easily advance to the 3rd stage having had a more easy and comfortable start but their only serious challenges will only be posed from one of the two finalists of the last 2010 edition or from the unpredictable Chile. 

 FIFA 2014 World Cup Draw set in Salvador / Picture:
This is reminiscent of what happened in South Africa in 2010, when at the beginning of the tournament, the first three of the FIFA Ranking fought each other in the 1st and 2nd stage. In Group G, Brazil (1) and Portugal (3) clashed with each other. The latter, second in their group, had to face Spain (2) in 2nd stage. 

If this were Tennis, it's like Djokovic and Federer the world's top seeded, meeting in 1st round and then having to meet with Nadal, in the next round. It is simply unsporting, uneconomical, and attentive to the outcome of the tournament. Going back to what happened in South Africa in 2010, in different draw Portugal could have gone through at least to quarter finals, like Chile who had an easy draw but than faced Spain and Brazil at a later  stage. 

Difficult to understand how Draw has been done

Everything I have explained it is difficult to understand by everyone because of the complexity and the non transparency of the criteria chosen; the result is a system that submits teams to exaggerated pressure and produces less goals and therefore resulting in a lost opportunity for football. 

 FIFA's Draws ethics resembles vintage Fair Ground Hustle Odds stacked against players.  
Improving Goal score average 

The last three World Cups, together with Italia '90, are the ones have the lowest average scores in football history. It is becoming worse and worse. In my opinion, Brazil 2014 will be amongst the 6th World Cups with the lowest goals average. I here invite FIFA to consider a more simpler Draw. Only in 3 POTS system rather than as it is now. 

Leandro Shara's POTs System © Format

Why three POTS? Because in the 1st Round all teams will play only 3 games. And what would be the order of these ones? By the FIFA Ranking as shown in the graphics below.

Returning to my pizza metaphor If the guests want particular conditional ingredients i.e:

- Europeans do not have to play with each other; 
- The same for South Americans 
We cannot cater for this. In our system the answer will be ‘It will not be on the menu’.  In fact we 

Thinking by Ranking 

Pot A: The top 12 teams 
Pot B: The 12 medium teams 
Pot C: The 12 emerging teams.

So no matter in which POT teams are, every team will play a team from Pot A, one from POT B and then another from C and every one gets a fair crack at the ball.  Simple and easy to understand  without major complications as the last Draw in December. Under this modality there are NO groups. Yes, you read it correctly. A World Cup without groups. 

How it works

Team will compete against each other in a fairer and more competitive tournament. An extra seasoning in 2nd stage knock out stage will be: 

That the 1st qualified on POT A to face the 16th of the same POT;

The 2nd qualified will face the 15th;
The 3rd would face the 14th
And so on and so forth in this order to complete the pairings with the 8th and 9th. 

The system eliminates any manipulation resulting from defensive teams committed not to lose the 1st or 2nd matches and who will now need a point in the 3rd match to go through to the next stage.  

The system will force POT's top table ranked squads to take seriously the upcoming 3rd game. In fact even when the teams may have already won two games and are looking to walk the 3rd match to avoid injuries, yellow cards and other setbacks. May be envisioning the luxury of choosing their 2nd knock out stage opponents although these in the other wing of the fixture format table groups are not yet defined and thinking to plan adjusting tactics in a favourable manner for the outcome of the game - they are unable take the risk of being overtaken by opponents given the points and goal difference structure that 'keeps everyone on their toes'.  

The 3 Pots Draw system we will avoid the injustices we see in the last 2014 Brazil Draw. 

Costa Rica would not be facing 3 former world champions. Australia could face a similar level team. Argentina, Germany, Colombia would face other A team, proposing challenging unseen opening matches like Argentina v Italy, Colombia v Spain and why not Brazil v Germany, the latter meeting seen only once in the last 19 World Cups. 

Furthermore, as all the matches are assigned according to the FIFA Ranking, once through the 2nd stage, it is therefore guaranteed  Brazil or others will not face Spain or Holland or Chile and giving therefore an equal and balanced run to final stages. Depending in fact on the results from the first stage Brazil may face opponents shown here in the POTs tables below by the Leandro Shara System © POTs System ©. 

Then the 3 Pots are the follows, based in FIFA Ranking:
PositionPOT APositionPOT BPositionPOT C
A2GermanyB2PortugalC2Costa Rica
A4ColombiaB4Bosnia-Herzegovina C4Nigeria
A5BelgiumB5Cote d'IvoireC5Honduras
A10EnglandB10EcuadorC10Korea Republic

Then the following is an example of first stages matches outcome for every teams with a simulated scores:
1st Match2nd Match3rd Match
A2Germany1vs2BrazilA11C2Costa Rica0vs2AustraliaC11B2Portugal3vs1GhanaB11
A3Argentina5vs2EnglandA10C3Algeria1vs1Korea RepublicC10B3Greece0vs3EcuadorB10
A4Colombia3vs2ItalyA9C4Nigeria4vs2IranC9B4Bosnia-Herzegovina 0vs2FranceB9
A5Belgium3vs1NetherlandsA8C5Honduras1vs2JapanC8B5Cote d'Ivoire4vs3UkraineB8
B3Greece4vs3Korea RepublicC10A3Argentina3vs1FranceB9C10Korea Republic0vs2ArgentinaA3
B4Bosnia-Herzegovina 6vs2IranC9A4Colombia4vs1EcuadorB10C9Iran1vs1ColombiaA4
B5Cote d'Ivoire4vs1JapanC8A5Belgium2vs2RussiaB7C8Japan0vs2BelgiumA5
B7Russia2vs1VenezuelaC6A7Switzerland1vs1Cote d'IvoireB5C6Venezuela1vs2SwitzerlandA7
B10Ecuador2vs2AlgeriaC3A10England4vs2Bosnia-Herzegovina B4C3Algeria2vs3EnglandA10
B11Ghana2vs3Costa RicaC2A11Brazil3vs1USAB1C2Costa Rica0vs1BrazilA11

ALL against ALL

In a rotation system there would be no more matches played at "half speed "; all the teams will compete to get to the top of Tables. No more loitering or ducking and diving. In a 3 matches system, it will be an ALL against ALL tournament. A World Cup where all teams are on a level playing field where positions by points earned and goal differences. 

A competition where all qualified teams play against all in a World Cup which keeps the attention from the beginning to the end and where performance merits outweigh direct clashes outcome. 

To recap, a Three POTS Draw and no more shambolic results of Raffles and Tombola and behind the scenes manipulations. Each team to plays one match with a top team, the next with mid placed team and the third and final game with an emerging team or in reverse order. 

Time for change: a new menu

The football world is tired of eating unpalatable pizzas with no natural ingredients impossible to swallow and sometime giving sickening results. The football world wants something simple, with just the right seasoning to invite guests interested in enjoying good tasteful food with healthy ingredients. 

Hopefully FIFA will react and take note of this proposal known as POTs System © Format, a format that will fill up with flavour the table of football and other sports as well. A format that invites everyone to be participating in dream World Cup that starts from the first minute of play and not after three weeks in the Tournament. A World Cup where the top football nations' fans will still have the television on at the end of it.

World Football Report - From the Publishers of 1st Interactive Journal. Established 1992. Copyright 2008 - 2014 C.S.E. Limited. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproductions of any part forbidden.

FIFA (WORLD EXCLUSIVE / Part IV): Will 2018 WORLD CUP Have 3 or 4 DRAW POTS or Still Be a TOMBOLA?:

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World Football Report - From the Publishers of 1st Interactive Journal. Established 1992. Copyright 2008 -2014 C.S.E. Limited. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproductions of any part forbidden.

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